Structured Writing for Content Areas


If your students are having difficulty getting started on

content writing,

try these frames!

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Before _________________, many steps must be completed.            First, _________________________.  Second,________________________.  Third,________________________.  After this,   _________. Finally, __________________________________.

Sequence Text Structure

Here is how a __________ is made.  First, _________.  Next, __________.  Then, __________.  Finally, __________.

Time Order Text Structure

The events leading up to _______ were:   First, _______________.  Second, ___________.  Third, ____________. Fourth, ___________.  Finally, ___________.


______________is useful in many ways.  For example, _______.      Also, ______________.    In addition, ____________.                          Finally, ___________________________.

Story Summary With One Character Included

Our story is about _________.  _______ is an important character in our story.  __________ tried to _________.  The story ends with _________.

Important Idea or Plot

In this story, the problem starts when ____________.  After that, _________.  Next, ____________.  Then, _________.  The problem is finally resolved when ______________.  The story ends with___________.


The story takes place _________.  I know this because the author uses the words "_____________."  Other clues that show when/where the story takes place are __________.

Character Analysis

_________ is an important character in our story.  ________ is important because ____________.  Once s/he ________.  Another time, _________.  I think that _____ is ______ because _________.

Character Comparison

_______ and ______ are two characters in our story.  _____ is ______ while ______ is ________.  For instance, _______ tries to ______ and _______ tries to _______.  _______ learns a lesson when _________.

Basic Reaction Frame

I learned some interesting facts about ____________________ after reading the selection.  First, ______________________________.  Second, _____________________________________________.  Third,  __________________________________________.  However, the most important thing I learned was _____________________________________________.

Reaction Frame Using Prior Knowledge

Although I already knew that __________________________, I learned some new facts about _____________________from reading the selection.  For instance, I learned ________________________.  I also learned that ________________________________.  The thing I wanted to learn more about was _____________________.

Reaction From Requiring Revision of Knowledge

Before I read this selection I thought _______________________.  After reading more about _______________, I found out ______________________.  I also learned some other new facts about ____________.  First, ___________________________.  Second, ______________________________________.  Finally, ________________________________________________.

Comparison Frame

____________________ and ______________________ are alike in many ways.  First, both________________________________.  Second, both ________________________________________.  Finally, both _____________________________________________________.

Contrast Frame 

____________________ differs from ____________________ in several ways.  First, _______________is  ______________, while __________is______________________________.  Second, ______________is _________________ while ______________ is_____________.  I think the easiest way to differentiate is the fact that ___________is___________and______is__________.

Problem-Solution Text Structure

________ had a problem because ______.  Therefore, ____________.  As a result, __________.

Cause/Effect Text Structure

 _______, ________,  _______ caused _______.  The effect of ________, ________, and __________ is ________________.

Writing About a Magazine Article

The article was about ______________________________.  Several interesting ideas I learned were _________________________.  In my opinion, this article _____________________________.

Nonfiction Book Report

The book ____________________ by ___________________ is a wonderful way to learn about _____________________.  From this book I learned four important facts about _____________________.  First, __________________________________.  Second, __________________________________.  Third, ___________.  Finally, ____________________________________.  The book also tells about ________________________________.  For example, did you know that _________________________________________?  As a result of reading this book, I decided ___________________ because _______________________.  I  (would/would not) recommend this book to ____________________ because ____________________________________________.

These frames were created by Dr. Leslie Roberts and Evelyn Cudd. 



Compiled by:  Araujo, Judith E., M.Ed., CAGS. "Structured Writing for Content Areas." Mrs. Judy Araujo, Reading Specialist. N.p., 24 June 2013. Web. <>.

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