Quick Reading Level Test


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Morrison-McCall Reading Test!

Ask your child to spell these words.  Stop after 4 consecutive errors.  The last word spelled correctly, prior to the 4 incorrect in a row, is the child's approximate reading level decoding wise.  Comprehension is another story!  :) 

 GL (Grade Level) refers to grade and month, for example, 1.5 is the fifth month of grade 1. 

Say the word, say it in a sentence, repeat the word.  Good Luck!

The scoring scale attached to the sentences below is the universal scale for all 8 of the Morrison-McCall Spelling Lists.

0.  No words spelled correctly.  GL  1.0  age 7

1. run The boy can run. run  GL 1.3

2. top The top will spin. top  GL 1.5

3. red My apple is red. red  GL 1.7

4. book I lost my book. book  GL 1.8

5. sea The sea is rough. sea  GL 1.9

6. play I will play with you. play  GL 2.0

7. lay Lay the book down. lay  GL 2.1  8 years old

8. led He led the horse to the barn. led  GL 2.2

9. add Add these figures. add  GL 2.3

10. alike These books are alike. alike  GL 2.4

11. mine That bicycle is mine. mine  GL 2.5

12. with Mary will go with you. with  GL 2.6

13. easy Our lessons are not easy. easy  GL 2.7

14. shut Please shut the door. shut  GL 2.9  9 years old

15. done Has he done the work? done  GL 3.1

16. body The chest is part of the body. body  GL 3.3

17. anyway I shall go anyway. anyway  GL 3.4

18. omit Please omit the last verse. omit  GL 3.5

19. fifth This is my fifth trip. fifth  GL  3.6

20. reason Give a reason for being late. reason  GL 3.9  10 years old

21. perfect This is a perfect day. perfect  GL  4.1

22. friend She is my friend. friend  GL  4.2

23. getting I am getting tired. getting  GL  4.3

24. nearly Nearly all the candy is gone. nearly  GL  4.5

25. desire I have no desire to go. desire  GL  4.7

26. arrange Please arrange a meeting for me. arrange  GL  4.9  11 years old

27. written I have written four letters. written  GL  5.1

28. search Search for your book. search  GL  5.2

29. popular He is a popular boy. popular  GL  5.4

30. interest Show some interest in your work. interest  GL  5.6

31. pleasant She is very pleasant. pleasant  GL  5.8  12 years old

32. therefore Therefore I cannot go. therefore  GL  6.0

33. folks My folks have gone away. folks  GL  6.2

34. celebration There will be a celebration today. celebration  GL  6.4

35. minute Wait a minute, please. minute  GL  6.6

36. divide Divide this number by ten. divide  GL  6.8  13 years old

37. necessary It is necessary for you to study. necessary  GL  7.0

38. height What is your height? height  GL  7.3

39. reference He made reference to the lesson. reference  GL  7.5

40. career Her career as a doctor was long. career  GL  7.7  14 years old

41. character He has a good character. character  GL  8.0

42. separate Separate these papers. separate  GL  8.4

43. committee The committee is small. committee  GL  8.8

44. annual This is the annual meeting. annual  GL  9.3  15 years old

45. principle The theory is wrong in principle. principle  GL  9.9

46. immense The man carried an immense load. immense  GL  10.5

47. judgment The teacher’s judgment is good. judgment  GL  11.2  16 years old

48. acquaintance He is an acquaintance of mine. acquaintance  GL  11.7

49. discipline The army discipline was strict. discipline  GL  12.5

50. lieutenant He is a lieutenant in the army. lieutenant  GL College Freshman  17 years old



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