Teaching Vocabulary

main-qimg-1463519474f4a7c3a6ca79a4faf4ed4fVocabulary is essential to comprehension. Students need to apply strategies before, during, and after reading to understand texts. 

Internet Source:  http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/tips/Tip0023.html#Word

Marzano's 6-Step Process for Teaching Vocabulary

Step 1: Explain: The teacher will give a kid-friendly description, explanation, or example of the new word.

Step 2: Restate: The teacher will ask the students to give a description, explanation, or example in their own words.

Step 3: Show: The teacher will ask the students to draw and/or write a picture, symbol, or representation of the word.

Step 4: Discuss: The teacher and the students will have vocabulary discussions.

Step 5: Refine and Reflect: The students will go back and discuss the words with a peer, while making the necessary changes to their prior knowledge.

Step 6: Apply in Learning Games: The students will participate in vocabulary games using the content-specific words.


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