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My grades 1-5 reading groups always do timed fluency rereadings, but we’ve also started using Spreeder!

Go to:   Spreeder.

Copy and paste a text or enter the text by hand.  Enter the speed you want, and the size font.  Don’t forget to hit SAVE.  Look!  I found Wonder by R.J. Palacio in pdf online:  Wonder on PDF.


For my grade 5 reading group, I am copy and pasting Wonder into Spreeder.  I have it set at 110 wpm, which is the grade 5 fiction reading benchmark.  I find this helps the students gain focus and confidence in tackling other texts.  They are discovering that they, too, are capable of reading at a faster rate.

Visit my Live Binders on my home page for grade level passages under the “Fun! Test Your Reading Speed” tab!  

Here are the rate benchmarks:

April/May Grade 1 Level I 40 wpm
June Grade 1 Level J 45 wpm
November Grade 2 Level K 55 wpm
March Grade 2 Level L 65 wpm
June Grade 2 Level M 70 wpm
November Grade 3 Level N 75 wpm
March Grade 3 Level O 80 wpm
June Grade 3 Level P 80 wpm
November Grade 4 Level Q 90 wpm
March Grade 4 Level R 105 wpm Fic./100 wpm nonfiction
June Grade 4 Level S 105 wpm Fic./100 wpm nonfiction
November Grade 5 Level T 105 wpm Fic./100 wpm nonfiction
March Grade 5 Level U 115 wpm Fic./110 wpm nonfiction
June Grade 5 Level V 115 wpm Fic./110 wpm nonfiction


I am happy to share my pages, but please cite me as you would expect your students to cite their sources.  Copyscape alerts me to duplicate content.copyscape-banner-white-160x56

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