Online Stopwatch

Starting at Level I, which is an end of 1st grade level (approximately April/May of grade one), the child is timed on words per minute (WPM).  See the Expectations By Grade Level page ~  Count the number of words your child reads aloud per minute using this convenient online stopwatch!  Simply hit the green up arrow when you get to the above site.

Your child should have fewer than 10 errors per 100 words.

Words Per Minute By Month/Grade/Level

To calculate WPM:

___words in the book divided by ___SECONDS it took to read X 60 = __WPM

For example, say there were 207 words in a book.  The child read it in 3 min. 25 seconds, which is 205 seconds.  207 divided by 205 is approximately 1.0 words per second x 60 = 60 WPM!

April/May Grade 1 Level I 40 wpm
June Grade 1 Level J 45 wpm
November Grade 2 Level K 55 wpm
March Grade 2 Level L 65 wpm
June Grade 2 Level M 70 wpm
November Grade 3 Level N 75 wpm
March Grade 3 Level O 80 wpm
June Grade 3 Level P 80 wpm
November Grade 4 Level Q 90 wpm
March Grade 4 Level R 105 wpm Fic./100 wpm nonfiction
June Grade 4 Level S 105 wpm Fic./100 wpm nonfiction
November Grade 5 Level T 105 wpm Fic./100 wpm nonfiction
March Grade 5 Level U 115 wpm Fic./110 wpm nonfiction
June Grade 5 Level V 115 wpm Fic./110 wpm nonfiction



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