Motivational Reading Logs

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1.  Go to Google Images and enter the "importance of reading."  You will find great graphs, like the one above, and quotes, like the ones below. THESE MOTIVATIONAL WORDS WILL BE THE READING LOG COVER AND/OR 1ST PAGE OF THE READING LOG.  You can tape these on student folders using wide, clear packing tape.  23055-1000-3ww-l

"Everyone has heard the proverb 'practice makes perfect.'  In learning to read it is true that reading practice – just reading – is a powerful contributor to the development of accurate, fluent, high-comprehension reading." (Allington, 2009)

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Children learn to read by reading!  

Reading is a skill that needs to be practiced!  Professional athletes and musicians practice their skills DAILY ~ MORE than you can imagine!  The higher they move up in status or rank, the MORE they practice!  Reading is also a skill that needs to be practiced!

2.  Run off 10 blank monthly calendars per student for September-June.7923765

3.  Purchase pocket folders with brads (prongs) for each student, as shown below.

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4.  Purchase page protectors.  Each student will need 6 ~ 1 for teacher expectations/log directions, the other side can be for the motivational information above, and 5 pockets for the 10 months.




5.  Set up teacher expectations/directions and slip this into the first page protector. Perhaps the student or parent writes in the title read each day, and maybe amount of minutes or amount of pages on the calendar pages.  Maybe the parent initials each day or once per week.  Set up a day in which the reading log returns to school.  REMEMBER ~ READING VOLUME AT THE CHILD'S INTEREST AND SUCCESS LEVEL IS KEY! STUDENTS SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED TO EVEN READ KID MAGAZINES, CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, SERIES BOOKS, BASEBALL CARDS, RECIPES, HOW TO BOOKS. . . . Have a variety of interesting books and materials in the classroom to borrow.

6.  Buy seasonal stickers so students can be motivated to decorate their calendars when they return them on the assigned day.

7.  Celebrate in June the VOLUME of reading of each child!  Each child will have a wonderful keepsake of all he/she has read during the school year.




Araujo, Judith E., M.Ed., CAGS. "Motivational Reading Logs." Mrs. Judy Araujo, Reading Specialist. N.p., 13 Aug. 2016. Web. <>.

Graphics from Google Images,  Right click on them.


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