Mentor Texts for Writing

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Resources for Writing

Click on the above link for a pdf file adapted from Consult An Expert ~ titles compiled by Shirl Hawes and Debbie Rickards, 2001, of mentor texts for writing.

Find mentor texts for:

  • topic selection
  • leads/beginnings
  • leads, using questions
  • endings, general
  • endings, surprise
  • endings, circular
  • endings, poignant
  • strong characters
  • using voice
  • vivid word choice/descriptive language
  • strong verbs
  • poetry and unforgettable language
  • story structure, cumulative
  • story structure, chain
  • story structure, circular
  • story structure, chronological life events
  • story structure, home-journey-home
  • story structure, parallel plots
  • setting
  • time (non-linear way)
  • point of view
  • flashback
  • flash-forward
  • narrowing a topic
  • combing fiction with nonfiction
  • cause and effect
  • onomatopoeia
  • alliteration
  • simile
  • metaphor
  • personification
  • adaptations of familiar tales
  • memoirs
  • dialogue
  • word play

Here are other great Mentor Texts for Writing websites:


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