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Math Olympiad is an after school 16 class program that focuses on the major strategies of problem solving.  Math Olympiad fosters mathematical creativity and stimulates enthusiasm for the types of problems that students encounter in competitive mathematics. Students are invited to participate based on teacher recommendation.

The Math Olympiad program is held in several different countries, with approximately 100,000 participants in the Elementary Division ~ Grades 4 and 5.

I started coaching Math Olympiad in the Fall of 2013.





    • Joseph Dragone, Grade 5, Top 2% ~ 1st Place Overall ~ Top 2% two years in a row!  Received special recognition from Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker. 
    • Nico DiSchino, Grade 5, Top 10%  ~ 2nd Place Overall.  Received special recognition from Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker.
    • Daniel Connelly, Grade 4, Top 10% ~ 1st Place for Grade 4, 3rd Place Overall. Received special recognition from Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker. 



  • Cole Gaynor, Grade 5, Top 2% ~ Tied for 1st Place Overall, 2016 1st Place Middlesex Math Madness Overall Champion.  Cole went from 5th grade math to 8th grade math ~ a double promotion. Received special recognition from Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker. 
  • Nico DiSchino, Grade 4, Top 2% ~ Tied for 1st Place Overall, NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT:  Highest PARCC Math composite score in Grade 4
  • David Damazio, Grade 5, Top 2%, ~ Tied for 2nd Place Overall
  • Joseph Dragone, Grade 4, Top 2% ~ Tied for 2nd Place Overall
  • Mikhail Pronin, Grade 5,  NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT:  Highest PARCC Math composite score in Grade 5
  • Daniel Connelly, Grade 3, NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT:  HIGHEST PARCC Math composite score at Northeast Elementary out of Grades 3, 4, and 5


  • Sebastian Connelly ~ Grade 5, Top 2%, 1st Place Overall ~ Northeast Elementary’s only international placeholder.  Please see bottom of page for the Presidential and national recognition that Sebastian received.  Sebastian was ALSO recognized on June 23, 2015 by Hollywood actor, Adam Sandlerwith an autograph, by Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, with a framed hand signed certificate, and Mayor of Waltham, Jeanette McCarthy who presented Sebastian his awards and gave him a certificate from the City of Waltham. Middlesex County Sheriff, Peter Koutoujian, as well as Massachusetts State Representative, Tom Stanley, also reached out to congratulate Sebastian, as well as Waltham Public School Committee Member, Margie Donnelly.  It was an amazing tribute to an outstanding international scholar, athlete, musician, and leader.
  • David Damazio ~ Grade 4, Middlesex Math Madness Northeast Elementary’s 1st Place Winner


  • Sebastian Connelly, Grade 4, Top 8%, 1st Place Overall ~ Northeast Elementary’s only international placeholder.



President Barack Obama and White House Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough ~ both recognized and reached out to 5th grader, Sebastian Connelly!

JUNE 23, 2015 AND NOVEMBER 19, 2015:  President Barack Obama reached out to my Math Olympiad student ~ 5th grader, Sebastian Connelly ~ twice!  President Obama sent a hand signed Congratulatory Certificate to be presented to Sebastian at the 5th grade Celebration on June 23, 2015, and then followed it with the following personalized letter on November 19, 2015As an elementary student, Sebastian not only placed top 8% in the world in Math Olympiad as a 4th grade student, he placed in the top 2% in Math Olympiad as a 5th grade student!  Sebastian was a nationwide finalist in the National Education Association (NEA) Dr. Seuss Enterprises Scholarship out of over 5,000 participants, a Kohl’s Cares Scholarship award winner, and a VFW Essay Scholarship post winner.  

Fox 25 News Article

Waltham News Tribune Article

The letter written by President Barack Obama to 5th grader, Sebastian Connelly ~ my former student, on November 19, 2015:


White House Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough, autographed this for 5th grader, Sebastian Connelly, congratulating him on his achievements ~ April 2015:


Who is White House Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough?  Watch:


President Obama says, “Denis is a great friend to me, and to everybody who works here at The White House.  He has been one of my closest, most trusted advisers on my Presidential campaign, on my transition team, and he has been an indispensable member of my National Security Team, as well.  Denis has played a key role in every major national security decision in my Presidency from ending the war in Iraq, to winding down the war in Afghanistan, from our response to national disasters around the world. . . .  Denis is the consummate public servant. . .and that is the kind of type of teamwork I want in The White House . . . .”



ICONIC PHOTO:  Denis McDonough is sitting on right next to Hillary Clinton in The White House Situation Room when he was Deputy National Security Advisor.  This is when bin Laden was finally found on May 1, 2011.  

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