Please email me (copy and paste email address) with your comments, questions, and suggestions.  I will post some of them here!  Thank you!



  IMG_0217 My colleague, Alec Kealing, had flowers delivered to me at Northeast Elementary on June 1, 2017 to thank me for my website, which helped him to pass the SEI MTEL test!  He wrote in a card, "Your website was the absolute best roadmap for preparing for the test; better than the prep course I took, and much better than anything else I found online. My students, past, present and future, and I are so grateful!"  Thank you SO MUCH, Alec!  You are such a great person and an incredible colleague.  Your kind words and flowers meant the world to me!  I DEEPLY appreciate it!

Hello Judy I am Altamar Preparatory School Principal. It is a non profit bilingual school in Managua Nicaragua.  I just read your web page and it is what we need to improve the reading with our students in our school. I would appreciate if you can tell me where can we find the books you recomend and any other infomation that could help us improve the reading with our students. Saludos Corina Garcìa Moros ~ 6/2/2017  

Hi there!  Madam. Please guide me to teach grade 2.  I'm from Pakistan.but I really appreciate your a teacher in a primary school here in Pakistan. . .  (5/12/17)

Hi Judy,
Your web page is very helpful. I am a second grade teacher in Bogota, Colombia.
I was wondering if you have some short texts for running records by reading level. We use TC for reading workshop, but the passages are long for a quick beginning of year check.
Thanks in advance!
P.S. I LOVE the idea to help Agnes.  ~ 8/24/17



Hello Mrs. Araujo, As a fellow reading teacher, I am THRILLED to find your AMAZING site. Thank you so much for your dedication and for sharing your work and insights. Warmly, Barbara Bledsoe ~ May 27, 2017

I just discovered your website and all I can say is WOW! You are awesome for creating such a wonderful and free resource.  I am a kindergarten teacher and mother of a rising 3rd grader.  I was looking for materials for her to prepare for our summer enrichment and I found your page.  I am so glad I did.  Thanks so much.  I will be sharing the information with my friends and colleagues.  ~ T.T. from Washingon, D.C.  5/19/2017  

Hello Mrs. Araujo, I am an instructional coach in Daphne, AL. I was searching for Guided Reading resources for our teachers. I came across your website, and WOW!!! You have incorporated so many wonderful resources to your school’s website. OMG, I didn’t know where to start looking. You have done a magnificent job with your web page. As a coach, I know you are extremely busy. But, I would love to get some constructive feed back from time-to- time on ideas I have for my school. Please let me know if that is possible? Thank you!  B. Nicholas 5/11/2017

Good Evening Mrs. Araujo,

            Thank you so much for sharing your  website information . I am employed as an  Instructional Coach and would very much like to create a website that is as comprehensive as yours.  Please advise.  Blessings,

                                                                                                                                      Adrienne G.  ~ received 8/19/17

Dear Judith,

I just want to thank you for your website. It is a blessed resource that covers everything. Your website has  been invaluable. I just wanted to stop  by and say thank you.  ~ Santina Knight 8/22/17

You are incredible. Your work was informative and extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing your work. You had help me tremendously.  Kim

A pleasant day to you maam. I am Mr. Allan Samal Madino, 31 years old, and a Public Elementary School teachers in the Philippines. I am holding a small school here in our province. I am so happy that I saw your post in the net while I am searching for the best strategy in Teaching Reading and Language. This year, before we start the school year in june, 2017. We would like to diagnose our children in their reading skills so that we can give them better strategy maam. With that, I find your published articles as beneficial in our undertakings.  We wish to use your work madam. Thank you so much! God will bless you more!  (received 4/27/17)

Hi.  I just found your website (  I wanted to let you know how great your site is.  You've shared a  lot of useful information, and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

Sandy Sumpter 
HCMS ECE Teacher, Henry County TVI  (received 4/22/17)

My child's school is failing him and I need to support him to develop reading skills. I was so overwhelmed comparing different websites for scholarly research, activities, materials etc. and somehow stumbled on this site. Everything is here, and the whole site is so positive. You are inspiring me to be a better mother. Thank you so much!  Kelly         








I am the co-founder of Native Monks, a website that covers over 130 languages and provides lessons to students at home by connecting them with hundreds of tutors online. 
I just came across and I like the features and information on your site. Since many of your visitors may be interested in using our services as well, may I suggest you link to our website through your website resource page
Helen Smith  (received 4/20/17)


I am a trained teacher from Singapore with 25 years of teaching experience. I am very happy that I came across your website. It is full of resources and useful information for teachers as well as parents. It is indeed a one-stop website for teachers teaching English Language. I must consider myself very lucky to have come across your wonderful and informational website. I have been thinking of compiling information related to reading comprehension in bite size for teachers' quick reference. While sourcing for information on reading comprehension, I came across your website with full of information. I am definitely going to spend some time looking through the information that you have on your website. Looks like lots of information would be relevant to teachers in primary schools. Once again, thank you very much for sharing all these knowledge.  RABIA BEE ABDUL MAJEED-BA     

I can't possibly thank you enough for the help and support your website provided as I studied for the SEI MTEL test. Your organization, tips, strategies, templates and methods were invaluable, as well as the definitions you provided to clarify some confusing language.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.   Barbara S.      Very helpful in studying for the SEI MTEL exam! Thanks. (Newton, MA)  Julie Stonehill     
Thank you for your excellent compilation of mentor texts. I can't wait to share some of the books with my Grade 4 class! ~ AUSTRALIA!  Jamie   
CHINA:  5/6/2017  Greetings, I have been reading items from your website. I am an ESL teacher here in China trying to introduce "reading" phonics is completely missing . .. so we have been doing "experimental" teaching to demonstrate phonics in a few schools . . . but also working hard to develop a reading program .  K. White  


Thank you for creating and sharing your invaluable site! I am delighted to have come across your site of detailed literacy information and links to even more sites.  Joan Dion ~ Medfield, MA  


  I'm studying for the reading specialist mtel and stumbled on your site. Love it – so much useful information! I bookmarked it for the future – thank you!  Shannon Amazing resources for teaching reading and writing . Thanks a ton!  PARESH PATEL     









What an incredible resource! Thank you so much for sharing!  Bobbi Jo Bowland    I wanted to commend you on your great site! I'm not sure how I lucked upon it, but am very impressed. 








Thank you so much for all your great information and resources. As a first year teacher it can be overwhelming to try to help so many students who are not proficient and who seem to be all over the map in ability! Your site is an awesome resource.  Debbie Morgan   
I am currently taking RETELL and came across your site. It is now bookmarked at home and at work so that it is available to me everywhere. It has been extremely helpful in organizing what I am learning in class. Thank you so much. I will spread the word.  Diane Shanks-Correia Grade 6 Butler Elementary School, Avon, MA   
Greetings!  I’m writing to let you know I am using some of your webpages to work designing mine for parents.  I am indeed putting your name and your citations at the top of each page.

Thank you for this work!  It’s great when someone else has done part of the work. Thank you for the work you do! Holly H. Colorado








Hello Mrs. Araujo,

I am an SLP, ELL teacher, SPED teacher and now am teaching an SEI course at the college level. So you can imagine I spend a lot of time researching information on the Internet. You are so generous to share this information in the public domain. Your website is by far the most helpful and informative I have come across. Thank you very much. Mary Duggan   

Thank you for your helpful site. I am trying to help my grandchildren through some reading and spelling problems, and your site is very helpful. Thank you for the time, energy, and money that you have put into making this material available.  Debbie Wilson     

Nice website, Mrs. Araujo. You've worked very hard on this.  John Araujo         

On 10/1/2016 I received a lovely email from the Woburn, MA Public Schools asking me to do a parent presentation.  THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME! Dear Judy,

I recently found your site and wanted to tell you that it is amazing! I teach education classes at a college in Kansas and find your information ‘right on’ and extremely valuable.
Thank you!
You are an amazing Reading Specialist.








Warm regards,
Dori Schneider
Adjunct Factulty
Graduate Workshops

Mrs. Judi: I did not want to leave your site without saying thank you.  My son is autistic and struggles with reading.  The IEP process is always such a mystery in terms of explaining in detail what the process of reading entails—you site has answered all of our questions.       








I will go through it in more detail but will be more comfortable now speaking the language needed to zero in on the helps he needs.

God bless you tenfold for your work here.

Artie H.









Hello Judi, This is Deepthi. I am teaching Grade 5 Language Arts in Internation School Groups, Saudi Arabia. We have started with Lucy Calkins writing workshop and planning to go for reading workshop also. While searching for resources on reading workshop, I accidently came across your site. I was really happy and don;t know how much relieved I was seeing your site. It' just a pole star.. . . . . .

Dear Ms. Araujo,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I’m enjoying your website.  I’ve been teaching for over 20 years in the regular elementary classroom, but last year moved to a reading specialist position for our elementary school.  After all the years I’ve spent in the classroom, I feel a bit like a beginning teacher again in this new position.  Your web site has been a tremendous help and I can’t imagine how many hours you’ve spent compiling information to share for the greater good of all students.  So thank you for your generosity and for your AWESOME web site!!

Hope your summer is wonderful!


Kim Burton

North Carolina

Hello! I emailed you a few months ago about a lesson that I was doing for a practicum for one of my classes, and your site helped me with lesson objectives.  You were so incredibly helpful and I'm so grateful for that.  I wanted to share some exciting news!  I was offered a first grade classroom! . . . . .Cris

Dear Mrs. Araujo:
My name is Jennifer and I am teacher in North Carolina (however I grew up in New England and started my teaching career in Philadelphia).  I just wanted to compliment you on your wonderful literacy page.  I am a fifth grade teacher who has been transferred to another school in my school district. After working as a departmentalized teacher for a few years in Social Studies I will be working at an IB Primary Years School in a contained classroom.  Your website looks like a great consortium for the reading instruction that my new school is utilizing.
Best of luck with your upcoming school year!

 Hi Mrs Araujo, I write you from Nigeria. I am so happy to have stumbled onto your site named after you and the marvellous material on reading that you have put there. Thanks a million for the good work and please dont relent. Keep it on keeping on. The material on your website and some of your on-line papers have helped me greatly (Working on reading subject matter currently). Much grateful for the material. Mohammed Awal M. CEO/Snr. Consultant, The Documart Institute, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria.

Thank you for the wealth of information on your site. As a reading teacher, I find it very helpful to have resources like you available. Again, I so appreciate the time and effort you have put into this.   I teach high school.  I create web quests to interest my lower level reading classes.  The basics are missing in their education, so I do go back and revisit early learning. Lois Kubal

Just as quick note to tell you how impressed I am with your resources on line In the field of ESL and ELL. I have worked in this discipline for 25 years and I am passionate about those who create materials that are understandable and doable on an everyday basis. Thank you, Barb MacKenzie-Rodgers MAT, MBA, CAGS

Good morning Judith, I am Hilde Nambala. I leave in Africa, NAMIBIA (country), WINDHOEK (city) I would love to open a reading academy here in in Namibia. i was wondering if you can assist me with the structuring of the academy.  (March 11, 2016)

Hello Mrs. Araujo, Congratulations, your hard work and motivation is definitely reflecting in the students improvements and achievements. This whole country clearly needs more teachers and role models just like you. I am writing to you to ask, were you a first grade teacher some years ago at what used to be the Fitch School elementary by any chance? I attended Ezra C. Fitch elementary and my first year in Waltham Public Schools was actually first grade. I do have some very fond memories of my classroom and teacher who was like no other teacher I ever had.I truly hope to hear back from you, even if I am mistaken.Take care,Debra Morales  (I was Debra's 1st grade teacher at the Ezra Fitch School many years ago.  What a nice email to receive!  :)

Good morning. My name is Jeff Gamel and I teach 3rd grade in St Augustine, Fl. In our cohort training your website was shown as a resource for teaching reading.  I wanted to say your website is wonderful and a great help in my teaching.Thanks,Jeff Gamel Mill Creek Elementary

Dear Judy, I just had to write and tell you how impressed I am with your website! I have been in education for 40 years and an National Education consultant for 25 of those years. I have found your website to be one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly resources I have ever used! Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you have put into giving quality resources to teachers and children! Kathie Cloonan

Hello Judith,
This is Alice Bustamante from Crystal City, Texas. Thank your for helpful website.  I would like to use your text structure information as part of a short packet I am putting together.
I would be most appreciative. Thank you.
Alice G. Bustamante

Judy, Your website is an incredible resource and I thank you for your generosity.  Your school and teachers are lucky to have you.  Who says mentors have to be people you actually know!Lee  Morales-Keck Reading Specialist Key Elementary, Arlington VA  

Dear Ms. Araujo,I found your website while exploring the internet for new strategies to use in my class.  I am so impressed by your webpages!  The amount of information I’d obtained, and the depth of knowledge I’ve procured while exploring your site is priceless.   Thank you so much for sharing.  Your devoted (now fan),Suzanah Lee








Judy, I was researching language strategies and found your web site….NICE JOB!!!!! I hope you and your family are well  Merry Christmas!

Stephen Duffy Assistant Principal Henry Whittemore School 781-314-5781

Stafford County, VA public schools uses my site as part of new teacher training.

Dear Mrs. Araujo:  We are in the process of creating e-curriculum documents for use in Anne Arundel County Public Schools. I am requesting your permission to include the following material:your list of character traits, access at  This information would be used in an elementary school setting.A more formal request for copyright permission, as well as details about the e-curriculum teachers will be using as the framework for kindergarten and first grade instruction, is attached.  The attachment is an interactive PDF that should make it quick and easy to respond.Thank you. Laury

Hello, I LOVE your page! It has been very helpful. I wanted to ask what reading program/curriculum do you use? ~ Becky H. from Oklahoma

Thank you, Whittemore School in Waltham, for advertising me on your school's Facebook page!

Judy, I appreciate your kind words.  When I looked at your website my first thought was – I would love to sit with you over a cup of coffee and talk about teaching reading! I just started my 30th year of teaching but was a music teacher for the first 20.  I went back to school as a "senior" student to earn my literacy degree.  Though I'm respected as a reading specialist, I have so much more to learn!  Your knowledge base impresses me! Ray Rossiter, New York

Thank you for taking the time to put this site together and for sharing it!   I have been teaching for over 15 years and I am always looking for more up to date information, that is quick and easy to use with students and to share with parents. Thanks, Diana M. Marietta, GA 30062

Mrs. Judy Araujo, Thank you so much for all of your work in creating this website. I am amazed! I am a K-5 reading intervention teacher. I appreciate your work and will respectfully cite your source. Mrs. Dennise Carter​

Thank you so very much for sharing your excellent resource on running records and expected grade standards for reading. You have pulled together all the information that I already know (plus lots more) and packaged it into an easy to understand format. Once I found your website I stopped looking! Reading is reading no matter which country you do it in.  . . . . (Lynne Ochert, AUSTRALIA)

Good Morning Judy, My name is Gloria and I am teaching at an American school in South Korea. . . .  (Gloria is using my site at a workshop in South Korea!)

Good afternoon,

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom. I am just beginning to read through your website and I am finding great resources. You are amazing!!!

Have a fabulous week.

Kim Coronado ~ Reading Specialist, Math Intervention ~ Eastgate Elementary

Hello!  I am working on correlating WCPM with an AR level for first graders since our district no longer assesses our students with STAR Reading in first grade.  I'm trying to use our DIBELS PM information to determine a level without having to do an IRI on each student.  I'm using your webpage as a resource.   K. H.

First Grade Teacher Mt. Carmel Elementary (Huntsville, AL)








I came across your page today. I am in my final semester of completing my master's in reading and literacy education from Cal State-Fullerton. Thank you for such an information-rich website. 
Kelly Westberg
















Dear Mrs. Araujo,







Thank you all of the valuable information on your site!  I am taking the SEI MTEL next week and have found your site to be a wonderful resource for studying. 







You are a true educator. 
I hope your kindness is returned to you ten fold.
God bless you!
Lauren DeVasto






Hello Mrs. Araujo,
As a fellow reading teacher, I am THRILLED to find your AMAZING site.  Thank you so much for your dedication and for sharing your work and insights.
Barbara Bledsoe






Hi!  Just found your site and really like it.  I'm from AUSTRALIA and I am always looking for ideas.. . .  Karen Knowles 






We have 6 reading interventionists at our school (Welcome Elementary) and all 6 of us shared your information.  Someone probably looked at our websites when they were creating their website and  copied the information as well.  Greenville County has a lot of Reading Intervention teachers.  5/4/2017 Thank you for letting us use your information. Reading Intervention Welcome Elementary School 36 E. Welcome Rd Greenville, SC 29662

Here are just a few sites who are using my information and/or referring their traffic to me! Thank you!  (I did not include the Pinterest pins.)  :)

Road to Reading Initiative ~ Thank you!!!

Gina Barbour ~ North Carolina

Fitch State University, Fitchburg, MA

Mrs. Whiteman ~ New York ~ Don't forget to cite me!

Troy, TX Elementary School ~ Don't forget to cite me!

1st Grade Reading Expectations ~ The Jack Daley Elementary School in Thatcher, AZ made a pdf of my work! ~ Don't forget to cite me!

Jennifer Sheaffer of CT ~ Don't forget to cite me!

Theresa Goodwin, Justin, TX ~ Don't forget to cite me!

Mrs. Rios ~ Don't forget to cite me!

The Learning Center ~ Don't forget to cite me!

Ronaldo McKenna ~ Don't forget to cite me!

Mr. Janes Liked My Open Ended Questions! ~ Don't forget to cite me!  :)

Mrs. Nicol from NJ ~ Don't forget to cite me!  :)

Algonquin Regional High School showed the staff my RETELL page at their RETELL course!

Katelyn Pruente ~North Carolina 

Christina Davis, North Carolina ~ Don't forget to cite me!  :)

Rhonda Ickles 

Mrs. Miller of SC 

Mrs. Romanowski of Texas ~ Don't forget to cite me!

Mrs. Watts ~ Greenville, SC ~ Don't forget to cite me!

Mrs. McGee of North Carolina

Dysart Elementary ~ Don't forget to cite me!  :)

Adam Dalicandro ~ local teacher and tutor

Mrs. Franklin 

Kindergarten News Letter ~ Don't forget to cite me!

Thatcher, Arizona ~ don't forget to cite me on the pdfs you are distributing  :)  

Andrea from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia!

Mrs. LeFante ~ Don't forget to cite me!  :)

This person put me on his/her Live ELL Binder ~ Many people use my RETELL page to study for the MTEL. Meadow Lane Elementary, North Carolina

Greenville Schools

Andover, MA Teacher 

CT Reading Specialist 

Blog with Chinese Characters copy and pasted my page ~ Thanks! ~ Don't forget to cite me!  :)

Mrs. Garvey in New Jersey recommends my Book List! ~ Don't forget to cite me!  :)

Mrs. Schuback of PA recommends me!

Holy Name Elementary 

Ms. Golden of CA 

Mrs. Seeley from Ohio ~ Don't forget to cite me!  :)

Mrs. Windham of Greenville, SC 

Coaches Corner in a West Virginia school recommends me! 

This Missouri School uses my Daily 5 Link! ~ Don't forget to cite me!  :)

Brenner Elementary, PA recommends me!

Power Reading in 108 ~ Thanks for copying!  Don't forget to cite me!

Masters in ESL ~ Don't forget to cite me!  :)

A New Jersey 5th Grade Sevierville Primary School in TN ~ Don't forget to cite me!

Mrs. Powder's Reading Class, NY ~ Mrs. Powder's has used my site on her webpage.  Thank you!

Weehawkin Schools Ms. Bridgman from New York ~ Ms. Bridgman has used my site on her webpage.  Thank you!

Mrs. Phillip's Reading Club of TN ~ Mrs. Phillip's has a reading club based on my pages.  Thanks!

Sara Heywood, Ranchester, Wyoming ~ Sara has borrowed many of my pages for her site, and even received a teacher award for "her" website. :) Thank you for trusting in my work! 

Mr. Timothy Sheehan, Amherst, Massachusetts

Kathyrn Williams Blog from Virginia ~ Katherine blogs about my site; all of her blogs are taken from my pages!  Thank you!

This site recommends my RETELL page to prepare for the MTEL

Mrs. Payne, Georgia Kindergarten Teacher, recommends me!

Ms. Phillips of Virginia recommends me!

Mrs. Fency of Connecticut recommends me!

Buffalo, NY School

My site was mentioned on The Teaching Channel

MBES Media Center refers parents to me!

Mrs. Law's Reading Place ~ Thank you for blogging about my site but don't forget to cite me!  :)

Catawba Heights Elementary, North Carolina, recommends me!

Arlene Whiteman ~ New York ~ Don't forget to cite me!  :)

Hyde Park Schools, NY  Wheelock Reading Room Blog ~ Don't forget to cite me!

Mrs. Martin ~ copied my Spelling Rules ~ Thank you!  

Ms. Hedrick from Charlotte, North Carolina ~ Thank you for using my material on your site!

Sara Hope from Coppell, Texas ~ Don't forget to cite me!  :)

Jennifer Peacock, Fort Worth, Texas ~ Don't forget to cite me! :)

Brigid Ciccarone, Piscataway, New Jersey ~ Thank you for using my material on your site!

Woodcreek Elementary ~ Thank you for using my material on your site!  Don't forget to cite me!  :)

Mr. Raynor's Class ~ Thank you for using my material on your site!  Don't forget to cite me! ~ Thank you, Gina Barbour!

Barbara Purcell, Rochelle Park, New Jersey ~ Thank you for using my material on your site!  Don't forget to cite me!

Mrs. Lisa Bear   

The PIC, or Parent Information Center in the Waltham, MA Public Schools advertises my site to parents.

Ms. Robin Fopiano, Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach at the Stanley School in Waltham, has sent my site out to the Stanley staff.

Diane Cinar, a retired Waltham Public Schools teacher, uses recommends my site to her students when she teaches RETELL.

Dr. Nadene Stein, Administrator of Pupil Personnel Services in the Waltham Public Schools, shared my Live Binders on my site on her newsletter.  (February 2016)


Recent Emails From. . . . (I wished I saved them all; I had emails from around the world!):

Abdulla Alkaabi ~ Kingdom of Bahrain

Annmarie A. ~ Boston Public Schools 5/15/17

Alissa B. ~ Wood School 5/13/17

Anabela Barros ~ Director of Nacel International in London

Paresh Patel ~ Ahmedabad Gujarat, India

Anne Marie De Barros Miller, Ed. D.~ Boston, MA

Andrew Robinson ~ father

Nancy S. ~ Texas mom  5/1/2017

Asian Social Projects Services, Inc. ~ Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

Stacey Jarosinski, Wisconsin

Lisa A. from Oxnard, CA

Benjamin Slinkard, Nashville, TN

Sheila Lima, Miami, FL

Stephanie L. Teryazos, Weston, MA

Bobbie Jo Bowland ~ Sacramento, CA

Melissa Turner ~ South Carolina

Kristin Matherly, Riverbend Academy, Ormond Beach, Florida

Jennifer Schwenk, Holyoke, MA

Debbie Wilson, Indiana

Amanda McArdle, Okaloosa, Florida

Boomirajan, Chennai, India

Samuel Flecha, Lee, Florida

Sarah Milewski, 5th grade teacher tutoring a 2nd grader

Sandy Danziger, New Jersey

Jeff Gamel, St Augustine, Florida

Benjamin Gresser ~ Newton, MA

Peggy Freidel, Principal of Mount Vernon School in South Dakota

Cathy and Macey Jones, mother and daughter

Dean Feinburg, grade 1 teacher

Bobette Geiger, Kansas

Christine Carlin, Student, West Chester University

Ashley Castle, parent

Tammy Williams, teacher

Michael Lausd, Gr. 3 teacher

Karen Anderson, Atlanta, Georgia

Lisa Rodriguez, teacher

Ava Eid, parent

Lydia Pulka, Lackawanna, NY 

Alison Boyer, teacher

Kathleen Moeller, teacher

Judi Fitts, Watertown, MA

Nicole Eidson, Arlington, MA

Ann Datz-Northness, Ridgeland, South Carolina

Matt Anderson, Newton, MA

Stacy Gauthier, studying for MTEL

Mark Middaugh, teacher and student

Kelly El-Yacoubi, Virginia

Janice Gibson, Colorado

Tammie Lemle

Amy Sanford, grade 2 teacher

Monica Ruffin, Tennessee        





















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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